Traveling to me the second best thing you can do with your life. I thought I was too young to do number one (raising a family), so I booked a one way ticket to Bangkok for Laura and I.


Hi there, I’m Danny and I’ve never traveled before. Sure, I’ve been on holiday but I’ve never left my country for more than two weeks. And now I’m leaving the country not knowing if I’ll be coming back at all. Running with the current theme of never doing something before, I’ve also never blogged. I’ve written some post for my portfolio site, but no consistency. So you could say, I’m a travel blogger who’s never traveled and never written a blog. Enjoy.


Sometimes I ask myself why I’m doing this, and the answer I give myself is always the same.

Because I want to.

I want to see the world. I want to experience as much of this planet as I can. I want to learn everything that staying still can’t teach me. I want to live out of a backpack. I want to travel.


Reading blogs from travellers helped me a lot when I was planning. Everyday there would be a new worry. I would take out my phone, or open up my laptop, and search long and hard on Google to my put worry to rest. I’d like to help the first time traveller by documenting things from that perspective. You’ll be able to follow along as I learn what it takes to become a seasoned traveller. Along side the “TIFU” posts, you’ll also find gear and location reviews, as well as budget posts and more.